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Borrowing from Peter to Pay Paul…

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It has been a practice to re-allocate funds for a more critical needs as opposed to let things lapse.  The current financial issues in the Police and Sheriff departments, the bus systems both Schools and Inter-City transportation, the libraries and ironically the Parks and Recreation funding around the city is a bit challenging to say the least.  However, recent reports of monies found by the state and the city have produced questions about our “cooked books” and leads one to question how in the “black” is the State of Indiana.  For the past two years it is the topic of Mitch Daniels and my other political figures in the area or their success and how great or effective their administration has been, but is it really?  If the monies found are truly new assets, then why not re-allocate the funds to the previously stated shortfalls.  We need Law Enforcement.  We need quality Schools.   We need better public transportation.  And most importantly, kids need to have the means to get to school.  There was a time when education was free, but not anymore.  Why tax the taxpayer for the support of its school system?   Why tax the tax payer for a City or State position?  Better yet, why tax the kids and the teachers?  We are at a crossroad in society where cognizant decisions will have to made and strict accountability is enforced.  If the average citizen reported found monies of 500 Million Dollars, the IRS would want back taxes and documented proof of such assets.  Why is a city or state held as a “protected class” in such matters?  Why isn’t a state or city taxed?  The US Government is criticized daily on their taxation methods, but never do we see them taxed.  If a state or city has 500 million dollars in newly acquired founds, and has not disclosed its immediate or planned use…Then the money should be taxed.  Taxing the monies would be unrealistic, however; there should be no need to increase taxes when surpluses are found.