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It’s not too surprising that the US is falling further and further behind the rest of the developed world in math and science. Math because it is tied so closely to science. And science because… well, a lot of things.

Perhaps the biggest hurdle to science education is American society’s tendency to spin fundamental topics into contentious religious and/or political messages. Evolution is probably the most debated issue and has been since it was published in Darwin’s “On the Origin of Species”. Then you have Global Warming, stem cell research, and reproductive science (especially women’s issues like abortion, contraceptive use, etc.). Other countries are developing industries around some of these topics. Businesses concerning alternative energy (China, Europe) and stem cell research (South Korea) are proceeding a fast clip, yet they are stagnant here in the US.

Most citizens agree that science and math are important subjects that need to be stressed in school curriculum, yet they cannot overcome their basic beliefs enough to crack a text book. In the meantime, our populace has become more and more ignorant and we have lost our lead at the Forefront of Innovation.