The Original Play 60 a Few Years Ago!

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What is going on these days with kids and going outside to play? In the past couple of years we see far less kids playing outside and enjoying the great outdoors. What is the cause of this and what can we do to change this?

Well, we all know technology has contributed to the decline of activities kids are participating in. We were having lunch one day at Castleton Mall and we noticed a group of teenagers hanging around the toddler carriage rentals. The interesting thing was when we took a good look at the boys activities they were all looking down at their phones and it appeared they were texting. This was very amusing since the boys were not interacting with each other; wow, has hanging out really changed. Well, i guess we can say they will not be starting any trouble any time soon; maybe some virtual trouble.

As a community we really have to start participating in more outdoor activities with ourselves and even our children. We can still be plugged in but must exercise control on when and where to tweet, text, post, nod or speak on the phone. If we did this then we will be achieving our Play 60 recommendations every day.