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Time to Amend or Condemn the 2nd Amendment…Gun Laws Gone Wild?

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To condemn, that means end the right to carry for all U.S. Citizens except those in a position to Serve and Protect.  Without the condemnation, we continue to have confrontation from state to state with their own interpretation of the law.  Do you want to reduce the checkpoint security at the airports, sporting events, etc; or do you want to pay with additional tax monies the right for those to bear arms.  Many NRA activist will argue that there is no cost to tax payers for their ownership, but not true.  We a gun is purposely fired or by accident…Emergency, Fire and Police are dispatched.  All of these entities are paid by tax dollars.  I think we should put a bigger tax on guns, bullets and usage.   Yes usage of guns as we did with cigarettes and soda.  A gun tax that would increase the price for a box of bullets to $100 per box, the individual abusers of the law will refrain from some of the ignorant mishandling and irresponsible firing of their weapons.