Walmart Not For Zionsville, IN

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Lets get the true facts of Walmart which is what is not really discussed by anyone. These facts are not discussed as they may appear stereotypical but are 100% accurate. A little history:
I grew up in the hard streets of Bronx, NY and I lived there for 16 years. This experience alone solidifies my comments in this article since I have first had experience and I am not just looking from the top down, which is how 99% of the commentators and decision makers of this development are looking at it. Throughout the years I have worked hard to put myself in a better position and provide better opportunities for my children. After 10 years of living in Indiana I have lived in Zionsville for 5 years now. We chose Zionsville because of what it stands for and the opportunities it provides. Lets face it, Zionsville is an expensive and safe town to live in.

Walmart coming to Zionsville is not a good idea. Lets face it, no matter where you put a Walmart it will always be ghetto. Ghetto is a way of life and it does not discriminate against color, race or sex. From my personal experience I have been to some Walmart’s, or should I say Ghetto-Mart, around the country and they appear to have the same ghettoness throughout. I have been to South Carolina, Florida, Texas and Indiana of course. Ghetto-Mart sells merchandise that has high turn over meaning they do not last. The same goes for the employees. Dress codes are not enforced and the majority of the time they are not as clean as other super centers, even when it is a new Ghetto-Mart. The only good thing that Walmart does have is low prices on food but I sometimes question that. I might go to a Walmart 1 out of 20 times I go to a super center but I appreciate that it is far away from my home.

By building a new Ghetto-Mart in Zionsville it will bring along its baggage to our community and I do not mean positive baggage. I mean, why is there a site called people of Walmart?

See for yourself.

The Ghettoness of Walmart is the only reason why it should not be in Zionsville but I am 100% sure monies is what drives the decision, not how it will create jobs in Zionsville, etc… those reasons are just the cover up or should I say political responses.

You Get What You Pay For!