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Organic vs Conventional Foods

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The following response is in reference to the following article found in the link.

Organic food no more nutritious than non-organic, study finds.

We really think they are missing the big picture here. When it comes to organic foods we are not looking at which has more vitamins or more nutritional value. The real effect is what chemicals were used to promote growth, health and what pesticides were used.

Produce or meat still has the same nutritional value but the additional chemicals introduced to conventional foods is the unhealthy part of the these foods. The human body is designed to ingest natural substances and not chemically engineered foods or chemicals. These chemicals are very harmful and can even create cancer but because they are approved by the FDA you will find their results are inconclusive and do not cause cancer. “Will the car dealer tell you the car you are about to purchase is dangerous?”

As an example Red 40 is known to cause the following reactions in young children:
Temper tantrums, hyperactivity, aggressive behavior, uncontrollable crying and screaming, kicking, nervousness, dizziness, inability to concentrate and sit still among other findings.

We feel this is just a way to promote conventional foods over organic foods probably due to a decrease in conventional food sales. By reporting unclear findings it will tilt the consumer into buying conventional foods as they can attain more per dollar with somewhat of a clear conscience.