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Why Obama and not Romney?

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We keep hearing commentators on behalf of Mitt Romney’s campaign holding on to accusations the United States has gone into debt or become broke since Obama’s presidency. We would like to share with our readers, followers and fellow Americans that we hear these kinds of accusations every 4 years no matter who is president. We must also keep in mind how the runner ups are always promising the changes they will execute while in office which we all know time and time again the majority of the promises are not kept due unforeseen obstacles after entering office.

During a convention speech Rick Santorum stated Obama has destroyed the concept of America being the land of opportunity. He stated Obama has turned almost 50% of America dependent on the government. In other words, Americans should not depend on their government is what we understood from his statement. The former U.S. Senator from Pennsylvania abandoned his campaign for the Republican presidential nomination in April and subsequently endorsed Mitt Romney in his bid for the White House (we are sure the decision to abandon his campaign was 98% financial interest and 2% opportunity).

In the past three decades we can surely say we have never physically seen any help from the government (something tangible). We always read how taxes were lowered, programs were established, etc… but really never seen financial benefits. With Obama we have seen actual monies returned back to Americans from the over inflated mark ups (120%) on services we see from corporations. We do agree assistance should be given to Americans who are really trying to make a difference and not free handouts but at what point do we say I made enough money. The concept of democracy appears to be more towards the rich stay reach and the poor….oh well. Lets be realistic here, the only parties running for presidency are wealthy families because money is what dictates your status.

We would like to just add the Obama care program should have been put in place eons ago. The right to live must be everyone’s right and not just who can afford it. We have acquired the knowledge to prolong our lives and overcome certain illnesses for a reason. Please stop looking into how you can profit from it.

By the way, Senator Kelly Ayotte stated, “President Obama has never even run a lemonade stand. And you know what? It shows.” (By the way run is present tense, we think you meant “never ran”). If running a lemonade stand is what it takes to run the country then we can say 90% of Americans qualify to run for president.

Obama has made many tangible changes since he has been in office and this is why we must extend his term for another four years.