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The Legal Corporate Pyramid Scheme

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A pyramid scheme is a non-sustainable business model that involves promising participants payment or services, primarily for enrolling other people into the scheme, rather than supplying any real investment or sale of products or services to the public.

A corporate pyramid scheme is an organized business model that involves promising participants growth or opportunity, primarily for promoting, supporting, enrolling or selling others a solution, service or merchandise offered by the corporation.

The famous corporate rat race has really changed in the past couple of decades. Now we understand this does not apply to all corporations but we are speaking on the majority. The idea of climbing the corporate ladder has changed as technically the ladder is cut in the middle. There is no longer a portal to cross from the middle class level to the executive level. These upper level positions have been locked by external candidates thus eliminating growth within the company. We do know there are possibilites for growth in certain positions but eventually you will reach the upper half of the end of the ladder; dead lock. We would like to make it clear when we say corporations we do not mean the actual material that makes up the building. Obviously it is an inatimate object. What we are refering to are the individuals that make the corporation; then ones making harsh and blind decisions. Lets face it, without the working employee at the bottom of the pyramid the upper part of the pyramid does not exist or function.

Lets discuss this legal corporate pyramid scheme. All the benefits of the work performed by the workers (grunts) are reaped at the executive level. When we say benefits we mean net profits of six figure to seven figure bonuses or salaries. To show appreciation to the common grunt, the executives, for lack of a better term, through down a bone or two; here is a supervisor position; here is a managers position; here is a lead position; here is a gift card; here is free lunch; here is a christmas party.

How about rewarding individuals with what the they truly go to work for? To earn a monies.
How about keeping up with the cost of living and not waiting ten years to do so?
How about giving growth opportunities within the company with the ability to reach executive levels within our lifetime?

The majority of the time employees have to wait until some one leaves a position which then allows shifting. Even then employees loose their mind trying to attain the opportunity as they know it will probably not be available again for another ten years.

As a society we all would like to live in better communities to provide our family a better chance of success. The entire point of this NOD is to remind the Executive team that without success at the bottom of the pyramid you will not have the salaries and bonuses being gained. Give back to these individuals with more than just pats in the back, useless gift certificates, useless speach of how you offer benefits, stop saying “At least you have a job!”.

Of course this NOD does not apply to all corporations, specially the ones where the actual CEO is the owner who started it all. Executive teams at these companies understand the hardwork that is put in by the employees.

CEO’s – Interest are, how large of a bonus, how to maximize return, how much will be gained by selling the company.
Board of Directors – Plans on how to generate more profits, business ideas, company policies
VP & Directors -Manage lower tiers of the pyramid, exercise control, control budget expenses
Managers & Supervisors – Keep grunts under control, make no promises, uphold company policies, enforce rules
Grunts – Do all the hard labor, meet requirements to keep a job, lowest income received, minimum return on investment, receive minor gifts as form of appreciation, are promised growth within company, super slow salary increases if any,  low overtaxed bonuses, intimidated by reminders of at least having a job or salary to take home.

Now we know this model does not pertain to all corporations or  individuals. We know there are individuals which enjoy their work, the company and would work for free if offered. We  know we are missing some levels in the pyramid but this NOD pretty much voices the cries of millions of workers in this country. As Yoda would say, ” Advantage of us you take”.