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If You See Something, Say Something!

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Recently in one of our outings we ran into this very interesting poster and we thought it would be an excellent idea to NOD about it. The recommendation on this poster is excellent as it pretty much tells us what should be done in the events of witnessing a suspicious act.

This is a great number to have since we should not really take the law into our own hands unless we had no other choice to do so. If course there are times we feel we need to get involved but if we really review the message it has a different meaning. The ad states if you see something suspicious and not if you are witnessing a crime; these are totally different.

Who exactly are you calling?

That is a great question. You will be calling a tip line which is sponsored by the Indiana Intelligence Fusion Center, U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Indiana State Police, Indiana Department of Homeland Security, Marion County Emergency Management, Purdue University, Indiana University-Purdue University-Indianapolis, and University of Indianapolis.

Wow, try saying that on a single breath. As you can see it is a very well connected service. The tip line (or how others would say, “The snitch line”,  just kidding) can be used to also report terrorist activity. What is great about the tip line is that it frees up 911 dispatchers to handle true emergencies being received through their panel.

For further information about this service please visit the following link: